A Dream Fulfilled

30 Aug

    This past Saturday I fulfilled a dream of mine. I bought my first Coach purse. Now some people may find that silly, but it’s something I’ve lusted after since eyeing my first Coach bag in college. I paid my own way through college working 3 jobs through out my four years at Shippensburg University. I always said when I graduated college and landed my first “big girl” job, I would buy a Coach purse to celebrate my accomplishment. Unfortunately, my “big girl” job leaves me with little money after loan payments and bills.
    I was on a last-minute shopping trip to one of my favorite consignment shops, reVamp. They specialize in higher end clothing, it’s not your mother’s consignment shop. I had perused through the store, disappointed that nothing caught my eye, when there it was in the front display case. A small, black handbag with the iconic crisscrossing C’s. I asked the woman behind the counter how much. $36 but there was a sale and then an extra 30 percent off the sale price bringing it to $21. I had to have it and promptly handed over my bank card. I was giddy with excitement. 

   I’ve had to put a lot of dreams on the back burner. I’ve wanted to live in a major city, save for a bigger place, travel outside the US; not to mention, I’m still waiting to find my career and my life’s purpose. At least I have this one small victory.

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One response to “A Dream Fulfilled

  1. CT

    September 8, 2010 at 2:31 am

    Hausie I had the same thought in college! All our sisters (especially one very notable lady) had these coach purses and I had my ghetto fab ones.
    As much as I enjoyed my cheap purses that I didn’t have to worry about, I wanted something special someday.

    My mom bought me a big ol purple coach purse for my birthday this year and I have been strutting around with it like a freakin peacock (who is terrified of rain).
    We can both now feel fulfilled as women because we have a pointlessly overpriced purse 🙂


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