Cleaning out my closet (and dresser)

08 Sep

Aftermath of the cleanup.

My closet and dresser are nightmares. It usually looks like my clothes are trying to escape my room; it’s the worst right after laundry day. Let me put it into perspective for you, I have eight dresser drawers and my boyfriend has four. I still manage to run out of space to put clothes. This weekend, I could no longer delay the inevitable. My closet and dresser needed a makeover, but where to begin?

I started with my dresser. I pulled out each drawer and sifted through the countless articles of clothing I accumulated both during and after college. I started three piles: a trash pile, for those clothes which had lived way past their shelf life and were well worn; a consignment shop pile, for the clothes which still had more years of joy to give; and a third pile for my co-worker who I am making over (more on that to come in a later blog post). Then I moved onto my closet and did the same thing. Generally, I abide by the rule if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it, or if it’s too small, ditch it because you probably will not fit back into it (although sometimes this is hard to accept).

I organized the clothes in the closet by sleeve length; dresses in the front followed by blouses, sweaters, cardigans and suits. With my drawers, I organized them by like items. T-shirts in one drawer followed by dressier T-shirts; dress pants and fold-able dress skirts; jeans and casual pants; dress pants; and finally a miscellaneous drawer.

At the end of the day, my dresser was organized neatly sans run away clothes. My closet is still packed, but I did make room for new fall wardrobe pieces. I reorganized my closet shelves. I dusted them, then put down green, rubber shelf liner — which I had extra from doing my kitchen cabinets — for my clothes to sit on. So far, the improvement is immense. I plan on buying those adhesive 3-M wall hooks to put on the closet wall for purses, long necklaces and belts.

I’m hoping to make this a lasting resolution because organization makes life a lot easier. It should also help keep my wardrobe in good shape.

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