Gagas and Snookies and Pirate Wenches, oh my!

23 Sep

Halloween is just over a month away. My girlfriends and I have already started discussing what we want to dress up as for Halloween this year. I know, I’m 24, and should be beyond the playing dress up thing, but I refuse to grow up (at least just yet). I think there’s something fun about dressing up and pretending to be someone, or something else for one night. Last year our theme was Alice in Wonderland. I drew the short straw and wound up as the caterpillar.  Ok, actually I picked him, because I thought it was awesome he was always smoking a hookah. This year the idea was to dress up as Snookie from Jersey Shore. However, after reading Yahoo‘s story that that’s one of the top costumes for Halloween, and noticing Spirit Halloween has a pre-made costume on their website, I think I’m going to steer away from that idea. I can see 2nd Street in Harrisburg crawling with Snookies this year.

I’m a big fan of making my own costumes. That’s what we did as kids and it was always the most fun. We usually rotated between gypsy, hippy and alien. The alien costume was one of my favorites, despite having to cover my face in tin foil (my mom’s idea) it meant getting to wear the silver metallic jump suit my mom had worn in circa late 70s to get into Studio 54. Last year, I made my own caterpillar costume last year using the clearance section at New York and Co, and some green glitter hairspray from Wal-Mart. I fully encourage, if you have the time and creative energy, to make your own costume. Some people would rather not have to fuss and buy a pre-made costume, but making your costume is one way to ensure you’ll have a one of a kind look. If you’re still not sold on the creative vibe, here some of my top picks for pre-made costumes this year(please note Pirates, Angels, Devils, Fairies did not make my list because in my opinion they are over done):

For all costumes featured check out Spirit Halloween online.

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