Women’s Combat Uniform Gets a Makeover

16 Oct

I am constantly reading Yahoo News, usually between checking my email and Facebook accounts for the millionth time. Today, I came a cross a story about the army designing a women’s combat uniform.

*Interesting girl power fact: Women have served in the army in some capacity since 1775.

According to the story, the new uniform will fit women’s bodies better. Currently, there is only a unisex uniform for both men and women. I can’t imagine having to wear a bulky, ill-fitting uniform while traipsing through the desert. It’s common knowledge that men and women have different builds. What fits my boyfriend obviously isn’t going to fit me.  The new uniform features adjustments to the hip, waist and shoulders for a better fit.  It removes some of the extra baggy material and repositions the insignia.

While from a fashion standpoint the new uniform does sound more aesthetically pleasing, I think the importance goes beyond that, it’s practical. It will allow the brave women of our armed forces to do their jobs more safely and efficiently. The current design is getting ready to be tested on 600 women soldiers, and if all goes well could be released in 2012.

Read the full story here.

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