The Road to Recovery-A Nail-biter’s Story

17 Nov

My name is Hausie and I am a nail/cuticle biter. That felt good, now the healing can begin.

I have been an habitual nail/cuticle biter ever since the 4th grade. I’m not sure what exactly triggered it but, it’s become an anxious habit. My fingers always look horribly mangled. I’ve tried in the past to break myself of the habit but, to no avail. It doesn’t help that apparently the day in girl school when we all learned to paint our finger nails I was apparently absent.

Last night I went with my friends Emily and Kaolyn on one of their regular nail appointments. I decided to once again attempt, in the name of fashion and health, to give up the nail-biting habit. I got a basic manicure and picked a soft pink-purple color. The woman who did my nails said she would see me next week because my nails are that bad. I also have to decide if I should commit to acrylics because they last longer. I think I’ll stick with the basic manicure and maybe work my way up.

Here goes day 1, no nail-biting. Wish me luck.

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One response to “The Road to Recovery-A Nail-biter’s Story

  1. Alysia

    November 17, 2010 at 1:52 pm

    I share your pain. I too am a chronic nail bitter with long car rides being my downfall; my lifestyle has me in the car quite often with things on my mind (and apparently at my finger tips) to chew on.

    I’ve always found the acrylic tips are an excellent stopgate for the immediate issue and gets me out of the habit for a necessary amount of time so I no longer do it subconsciously. It also provides me with the positive feed back from my peers when they notice my nails are nice and not mangled. However, the acrylics do have their downfalls as well. I am terrible at the upkeep given my crazy schedule and once I do remove them my nail beds are softened and in turn it can easily lead to the slippery slope of peeling my nails when bored.

    If you have the willpower, I’d stick with the basic manicure and keep going that way.

    Good luck!


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