Fashion News at 11: TV Makeover!

05 Nov

I was watching the latest episode of Pan Am last week and the 11 o’clock news commercial came on during commercial break. Why does it seem all female anchors do not know how to dress themselves? I understand that you sit behind a desk and viewers only see half of your out fit. But when did it become okay to wear “frumpty dumpty” (to quote my favorite matchmaker Patty Stanger) jackets with bad, chunky jewelry? Everything was all wrong with this girl’s wardrobe from the boxy turquoise blue jacket, multilayer turquoise jewelry and drab hair color and style. You’re on TV! You are telling your community what’s going on in the world. As someone who majored in journalism in college I believe it is a noble profession and you should dress the part. Especially in the age of HG and LED television sets where you see every little detail.

If I were to have dressed this young lady I would have put together something more age and more sophisticated. I’m sorry but, I think turquoise is outdated and to me, does not show up well on television. A black blazer is really hard to screw up but, if you are going to do a colored blazer I would stick with red or blue. Both colors are in now. Especially electric blue. Boxy jackets are a girl’s worst enemy, they don’t define shape and just add extra bulk. The perfect fitting pair of pants (no flood or pants that drag) or skirt is just as important as the jacket. Accessories help complete the outfit. Great heels that are height you can walk in comfortably. There is nothing worse than a weeble-wobble walk. Jewelry wise find colors that compliment; gold and natural tones with warm colors, and silver and gun-metal with cool tones.

Here’s a TV ready ensemble I put together.

Untitled #21

Bow blouse
$33 –

D G shiny jacket
$745 –

Missoni low rise pants
$627 –

Jimmy Choo suede pumps
$695 –

Miu Miu tote handbag
895 –

Vintage jewelry
$2,680 –

Gold jewelry
$940 –
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