My journey through fashion has been a tumultuous one. I was one of those awkward, weird, kids growing up, that didn’t fit in. My mother constantly tried to make me over so that I was “cool.” She tried to get my hair layered, bought me bell bottom jeans and clogs. I looked like one of the Hanson brothers in my 8th grade photo. My boyfriend didn’t believe me until I showed him the photo. The resemblance is uncanny. High school didn’t fare better, I discovered makeup, but usually caked it on to the point where it looked like I was wearing a mask. I got a job at junior retailer DEB and started buying all of my clothes there, thus started my teeny-bopper years. This trend lasted throughout my college years. After quitting my first miserable sales job out of college I got a part-time job at New York and Company and my sense of style finally grew up. my favorite stores are: New York and Company, Charlotte Russe, Express, Ann Taylor Loft and on occasion Forever 21. I’ve also been turned  on to the world of consignments, just don’t tell my mom because I used to make fun of consignment shopping. My journey in fashion continues.


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