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Recent Consignment Finds

I love Consignment shopping. I don’t have a lot of money to spend on new wardrobe pieces, so I’ve had to find other ways to keep my closet current. Here are my most recent Consignment shop finds. While I’m still relatively new to the world of consigning, my top two favorite consignment shops thus far are: Hello Gorgeous and ReVAMP. I encourage you to check out local consignment shops near you.

Yet another find from Hello Gorgeous. Clearance $5!

Found this at Hello Gorgeous. I believe I paid $8 (accidentally threw out the receipt).

Another awesome item from Hello Gorgeous. Paid around $10.

Found this at Hello Gorgeous in Camp Hill. Scarf and Handbag together were $10!

Found this this past weekend at ReVamp in Lemoyne. Paid $4!

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A Dream Fulfilled

    This past Saturday I fulfilled a dream of mine. I bought my first Coach purse. Now some people may find that silly, but it’s something I’ve lusted after since eyeing my first Coach bag in college. I paid my own way through college working 3 jobs through out my four years at Shippensburg University. I always said when I graduated college and landed my first “big girl” job, I would buy a Coach purse to celebrate my accomplishment. Unfortunately, my “big girl” job leaves me with little money after loan payments and bills.
    I was on a last-minute shopping trip to one of my favorite consignment shops, reVamp. They specialize in higher end clothing, it’s not your mother’s consignment shop. I had perused through the store, disappointed that nothing caught my eye, when there it was in the front display case. A small, black handbag with the iconic crisscrossing C’s. I asked the woman behind the counter how much. $36 but there was a sale and then an extra 30 percent off the sale price bringing it to $21. I had to have it and promptly handed over my bank card. I was giddy with excitement. 

   I’ve had to put a lot of dreams on the back burner. I’ve wanted to live in a major city, save for a bigger place, travel outside the US; not to mention, I’m still waiting to find my career and my life’s purpose. At least I have this one small victory.

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Hello world!

To celebrate my 24th year on this planet, I decided to throw a “Roaring ’20’s”-themed birthday bash. I had been searching for the perfect outfit that not only would fit the theme, but also wouldn’t look like a costume. I searched, various retail stores and finally hit up Ebay. I haven’t bought anything on there since my junior year of college, but sure enough it always come through for me. After days of scouring for “1920’s dress,” “flapper dress” and “vintage dress,” I finally found an Anne Taylor black chiffon ruffle dress. It was perfect! The right size, the right look and, most importantly, the right price. It was only $20 with $6 shipping for a dress that would normally retail for $89. I’m a relentless bargain shopper. I constantly look for the lowest price, I love the thrill of searching and the feeling of victory when I succeed in my mission.

The first item on my fall shopping list is a camel coat. It’s one of the must have wardrobe pieces for fall. So far, I’ve managed to find one almost new for $15. I’m holding off for now because I’m not sure of the fit. The only downside to shopping online verses in the store is you’re not able to try on items. It’s important when shopping online to: 1. Know your measurements (a lot of sellers will  put the actually measurements for a garment) and 2. Check the return policy (some sellers have flexible return policies, while others have strict “no returns” policy).

With the world in the midst of a recession, we are discovering more and more the thrill of bargain shopping, sometimes out of simple necessity. There are a lot of great deals to be found online if you’re willing to pound the keys and look. Retail chains have also evolved around stylish thrift seekers. TJ Maxx and it’s sister company, Marshalls; Ross; and Burlington Coat factory provide fashion conscious consumers current fashions at a fraction of the cost. High-end consignments also provide a great place to dig up great fashion finds for fraction of the cost. More on consignments to come.

In the mean time, go forth and be fabulous!

****Stay tuned for pictures of the complete birthday outfit.****

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