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Fall Essentials: Leather and Lace

Leather and Lace


Gold lace dress
4.99 –

Biker jacket
$358 –

Prada buckle boots
$890 –

Proenza Schouler calf hair handbag
1,690 –

$400 –

mark. Fall Color Kit
$28 –

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Comic Book Chic

I was approached by my boyfriend to assist him in a piece he was working on for his comic book blog. The mission: to critique jackets on his five of his favorite X-Men. Not an easy feat: I’m used to dealing with real live people, not two-dimensional characters.

From left to right: Gambit, Havok, Jubilee, Multiple Man and Rogue

Gambit: He wears a trench coat over his form fitting costume and metallic boots. The jacket gives him a tough guy look. He looks very hard, unapproachable and scary. If I ran into him on the street, I would most definitely keep my eyes locked on the ground because he looks like someone who’s out to cause trouble.

As I mentioned before, I know nothing of comic books. Thom is always trying to explain character histories to me and they usually leave my head spinning. I did read a brief history of Gambit and it’s not surprise he dresses as hard as he does; he comes from a rough beginning and is a bad boy.

But, there is more to him that his outfit fails to convey. On second look, there is something sexy about the trench coat; it adds a sense of mystery and makes you want to find out who is the person under the trench coat. My final verdict: keep the trench coat but when not fighting bad guys pair it with a different ensemble.

Overall jacket grade: D

Havok: He looks very put together. His jacket compliments his overall ensemble well. It makes me think of a fashion forward motorcycle dude.

Overall jacket grade: B+

Jubilee: Another style home run for me. She pairs her fun yellow rain coat with blue boyfriend shorts and blue boots. It’s different, but it works. If Jubilee wanted to go from fighting crime to hang out with friends. She could easily remove the jacket and gloves and be ready to go.

Overall jacket grade: B+

Multiple Man: Another example of the trench coat. I think Multiple Man wears it better than Gambit but I’m still not a fan of the overall ensemble. I understand he needs to wear a special suit for fighting bad guys, but after work, I would ditch the trench coat. It doesn’t serve a purpose, unless his purpose is to blend in. However, I have a feeling the trench coat doesn’t do much to that end.

Overall jacket grade: C

Rogue: Of all the jackets, I like Rogue’s the best. She is the most fashion forward of the five in terms of jackets. She rocks what looks like a leather bomber jacket. It works with her super hero suit.

Overall jacket grade: A

Front-Buckle Motorcycle Jacket

Get a leather buckle-front motorcycle jacket like Rogue’s at Victoria’s Secret Online, on sale for $189.

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