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Carpe Noctem

Elongated Feather Vest
$690 –
Feather vest »

Marc Jacobs Satin espadrille ballerina flats
$445 –
Flat shoes »

Annabel Ring
$1,150 –
Face jewelry »


Fossil – Camera Charm (Silver) – Jewelry
$22 –
jewelry/shop?query=silver+jewelry&.mid=embed-imagelist” style=”color:#888″>Silver jewelry »

101 AUD –

Blade Rubber Stamps Stampers Anonymous Tim Holtz Collection Writing</a><br/>11 GBP&nbsp;-&nbsp;<br/><br style=”display:none”/><br style=”display:none”/></div></p></div>

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Warning! Dangerous Curves Ahead hosted New York Fashion Week’s first plus size show. As a girl with curves who’s struggled with weight and feeling comfortable in my own skin, I wanted to check out their site and some other plus size sites. While I don’t shop in plus size stores, I was curious to see the level of fashion carried by different plus size retailers. I scoped out One Stop Plus, Torride and IGIGI.

One Stop Plus

I found a lot of great items but one thing I noticed, while the web site featured some plus size models, it seemed to feature mostly non-plus size models. In my opinion, if you are a plus size store, catering to plus size women, you should solely feature plus size models. Different cuts and styles are going to fit a plus size woman differently than a petite woman.


Unlike One Stop Plus, Torrid seamed to solely feature Plus Size models. My biggest complaint about Torrid, too much plaid, to the point it reminds me of a Catholic school girl. In their defense, I think Torrid seems to be geared towards a junior demographic while One Stop Plus features more grownup fashion.


This site had my top favorite styles. They combined flattering with high style. Although slightly more expensive than Torrid and One Stop Plus, IGIGI featured high quality. They seem to understand plus size women the best, and show that no matter what size, you can be fabulous. I love that they feature bright colors and fun patterns.

Below are some of my favorite looks from each site.

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Cleaning out my closet (and dresser)

Aftermath of the cleanup.

My closet and dresser are nightmares. It usually looks like my clothes are trying to escape my room; it’s the worst right after laundry day. Let me put it into perspective for you, I have eight dresser drawers and my boyfriend has four. I still manage to run out of space to put clothes. This weekend, I could no longer delay the inevitable. My closet and dresser needed a makeover, but where to begin?

I started with my dresser. I pulled out each drawer and sifted through the countless articles of clothing I accumulated both during and after college. I started three piles: a trash pile, for those clothes which had lived way past their shelf life and were well worn; a consignment shop pile, for the clothes which still had more years of joy to give; and a third pile for my co-worker who I am making over (more on that to come in a later blog post). Then I moved onto my closet and did the same thing. Generally, I abide by the rule if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it, or if it’s too small, ditch it because you probably will not fit back into it (although sometimes this is hard to accept).

I organized the clothes in the closet by sleeve length; dresses in the front followed by blouses, sweaters, cardigans and suits. With my drawers, I organized them by like items. T-shirts in one drawer followed by dressier T-shirts; dress pants and fold-able dress skirts; jeans and casual pants; dress pants; and finally a miscellaneous drawer.

At the end of the day, my dresser was organized neatly sans run away clothes. My closet is still packed, but I did make room for new fall wardrobe pieces. I reorganized my closet shelves. I dusted them, then put down green, rubber shelf liner — which I had extra from doing my kitchen cabinets — for my clothes to sit on. So far, the improvement is immense. I plan on buying those adhesive 3-M wall hooks to put on the closet wall for purses, long necklaces and belts.

I’m hoping to make this a lasting resolution because organization makes life a lot easier. It should also help keep my wardrobe in good shape.

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